1. YSR Vasathi Deevena (JVD) Scheme will be provided to all eligible candidates twice in a year 
2. YSR Vidya Deevena (JVD) Scheme will be provided to all eligible candidates 
3. Scholarship for SC/ST Students  
4. Scholarship for BC Students. 
5. Merit Scholarships will be offered by central as well as state Government on the basis of marks obtained in the previous examinations. 
6. SC/ST/BC Scholarships will be sanctioned by the state government on the basis of parent's Annual income. 
7. Our college students are eligible for RTC bus passes and Railway concessions. 
8. The Principal may not recommend any of the above scholarships or for the renewal of scholarship if the student. 
a) Is irregular in attendance. 
b) Does not show sufficient progress in studies. 
c) Absent himself / herself from class examinations / tests / assignments / practicals etc. without proper reasons, indulges in acts leading to disobedience / misbehaviour / breach of discipline, strike inside or outside the class - room.