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                svvp Degree College lays great stress on the development of character, among the students and expects them to behave themselves both inside and outside the college, as to be worthy of the highest standards of behaviour, individual and collective in our national life. Courtesy, kindness, helpfulness and tolerance are the virtues which they are particularly advised to cultivate
The following general rules are notified.  
1. Every student should wear clean and decent college uniform.  
2. Every student should attend the college within the prescribed timings. 
3. Every student should wish the members of staff when he / she meets them on the first occasion of the day.  
4. While the lecturer enters the class room, every student is supposed to stand in his/her respective place, then with the lecturer's permission only, the student is supposed to sit in his/ her respective place.  
5. Every student should maintain strict silence during the classes.  
6. Every student should maintain running class notes as well as fair notes for all subjects.  
7. Every student should attend the college regularly. 
8. Every student should attend for all the college examinations. 
9. Every student should attend for all the college functions. 
10. Students are strictly prohibited from smoking in college premises. They are also strongly advised not to smoke and not use other Tobacco products. 
11. Every student should apply leave for his/her absence, duly signed by Parent / Guardian and should submit it to the respective class teachers. 
12. Every student should keep the class room, furniture and compound clean and any writings on the furniture, walls are not allowed.