The Government of Andhra Pradesh is seriously taking the incidences of ragging in Educational Institutes,to curb the activities of ragging.  
According to the government directions,our college has constituted an anti ragging committee involving the parents,lecturers and non teaching staff. The punishments of the offences of ragging is mentioned below.  
1.Teasing,embarrassing and humiliating Imprisionment up to 6 months or fine up to Rs.1000/-
2.Assaulting or using criminal force or criminal intimidation Imprisionment up to 1 year or fine up to Rs.2000/- or both
3.Wrongfully restraining or confirming or causing hurt Imprisionment up to 2 years or fine up to Rs.2000/- or both
4.Causing grievous hurt, kidnapping or rape or committing un natural offence Imprisionment up to 5 years or fine up to Rs.10,000/- or both
5.Causing death or abetting suicide Imprisionment up to 10 years or fine up to Rs.50,000/- or both